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Pegasus RDS™ Highlights

  • Point and click real-time data mining
  • High integrity audit trails and reporting
  • Captures every data point with almost zero maintenance
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Industry Buzz

"Pegasus provides automated high-integrity audit tracking of our SCADA databases, and online access to over a trillion records harvested from more than 300,000 unique SCADA objects."

Microsoft Client Case Study

Why Pegasus RDS™?

The Pegasus platform delivers on the promise of an Outer Tier, Enterprise Wide, Real-Time Data Store that automatically adjusts to your growing SCADA Environment.

Unlike other data storage solutions, Pegasus RDS™ provides tight data integration, advanced data analysis in real-time, steady state loading, and an industry leading technology platform enabling businesses to leverage for custom application development.

Nobadeer Software's complete solution simplifies every step of managing EMS data:

Automatically maps all existing objects
Storage Capacity
Easily scales to fit changing requirements
Data Retrieval
Fully integrated with multiple export options
Predictive Analysis
Specialized techniques to forecast variables
Compliance Reporting
Maintains an audit trail of database changes

Pegasus RDS™ enables customers to focus on using information rather than managing data. If you have any questions about Pegasus RDS™, feel free to send us a message.

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Entergy Corporation has been using Pegasus RDS™ since 2004. Learn why the company replaced in-house tools with our solution.

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We will install Pegasus RDS™ for you and let you try it 90 days before making a full commitment.

Note: Pegasus RDS™ is not shrink wrapped software, and proper execution requires dedicated hardware.

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